Luana, UX/UI Designer
Luana, UX/UI Designer



Design for social change in order to help people tell their stories and help providers focus on the work they love through thoughtful user experience.


👩‍💻 UX/UI designer (Once a Sketch user, now Adobe XD for work and Figma for personal projects).

For UX, most of the times my decisons are based into qualitative and quantitative research.


🕵🏼‍♀️ Identifying new programs or initiatives that can bolster diversity within the tech community in Dublin for women in tech.


Translating my life as an immigrant and multidisciplinary designer into illustration


👩‍💻 Basic HTML, CSS & JavaScript


Designing inclusive experiences

My initial background was in hospitality where I worked for cruise ships and travelled 66 countries and survived to tell the tale in my mid twenties and then there is a second phase and a second degree that is related to tech and this all happened when I immigrated to Ireland.

Luana Cavalcanti

I bring passion and dedication to my work:

  • Helping global organizations expand into new markets.
  • Guiding businesses to get seriously strategic about service design.
  • Guiding businesses to get seriously strategic about inclusion and diversity in technology.




Multidisciplinary designer specialising in UX/UI, Diversity and Inclusion Facilitation


  • Visual design (UI): Sketch, sometimes Figma, Procreate and Adobe Fresco for illustration;
  • UX Design Foundation;
  • UX Research Foundation;
  • Localisation;
  • Product Management foundation including Jira knowledge ;
  • HTML/CSS for WordPress and Webflow theme customisation;
  • Event facilitation and organisation;
  • Native Portuguese speaker, proficient in English and Spanish.

Public Speaking

  • March’2020: MA in UX and Interaction Design / Seminar series: ”A career in UX”.
  • October’ 2018: Hosted by 3rd Blockchain for Finance Conference, Europe Panel about  “Lunch & learn: Diversify your investment portfolio, how are you managing your talent risks?”
  • August’ 2018: Hosted by Ladies that UX Dublin at Workday,Dublin – ” Accessiblity in UX”
  • August’ 2018: Hosted by Women in Blockchain Meetup – “Design Principles for Blockchain”
  •  July’ 2018: Hosted by Google Developers Dublin – “Principles of design for Blockchain”
  • May’ 2018: Hosted by Workday – Women in Tech Summit 2018 – Panel about my experience as a female leader in Tech.
  • May’ 2018: Hosted by CodePlus –CodePlus, a project to attract female secondary school students into CS – Panel about my experience working in the tech sector.
  •  November’ 2017: Hosted by ESPC 2017 – European Sharepoint – Intro talk about Girls in Tech Dublin.
  • October’ 2017: Hosted by 404event in Dublin – Intro talk about Ladies that UX in Dublin.
  •  April ’2016: Hosted by Codess / Microsoft – Future of Cloud computing Modern Design UX.
  •  Feb ’2016: Hosted by Women Who Code – Talk and interactive session about UX.
  • 2017

    2016 - 2017 Started career in Design. Graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology. BSc Degree in Digital Technology and Design (with Distinction). Launched Ladies that UX Dublin.

  • 2019

    2018 - 2019 Gained experience from working with TradeIX and other companies in fintech and insurance.

  • 2020

    2020 - Covid came, I left RiM then launched Ladies that UX Dubln first mentorship program and worked validating

  • 2021

    2021/2022 - Working as UX/UI Designer in biotech.


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